Your Domain

            Your domain - the word being derived from the Latin [ 'domus' - a house ] - has been applied to the area of the environment over which you have control.

In mathematics and the sciences the word generally applies to the values of variable quantities which you choose,
or are required to consider by an exercise or problem.

For the purposes of this assignment, you are asked to study the area around your home and locality.
Read right through this sheet completely first.
Then, before you proceed to tackle the questions, you will need to check that you know your postcode
( ours is EX10 9LJ ) and look at websites with access to local maps e.g.  Google Maps  and    Bing Maps  .

Study the maps available of your area - both the initial one and a more detailed one - and also look at an aerial photograph ( if it is an available option ).

Here is a section from a map of our immediate 'domain' - our bungalow building is shaded green.

N.B. Most maps are orientated with North to the top!

Now try to answer the following questions :

How many other words in common use can you find which originate from the Latin word 'domus' ? ( Your Dictionary should help ! )

Research  the meanings of the terms:    cul-de-sac    junction    boulevard    suburban    multifoliate    verdant

Imagine you are in a hot-air balloon, floating immediately above your house. Describe the scene.   

Write a paragraph describing your journey to school.

Some visitors asks for directions to get from your house to the local park. What would you tell them?


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